Eleni Marneri Gallery is pleased to present Mari Aoyama’s new work in an exhibition and titled “Blossom”, on Thursday, April 14th.

Thousands of delicate little flowers made of paper and silk, tiny insects, mythical, multi-coloured birds, miniatures of dreamlike scenes – mixed media art works which were created with rare materials collected from around the world, will blossom in the gallery and take us on a journey to Mari Aoyama’s magical, exotic world.

“Mother Nature’s unending generosity and grace, the common soul of all beings, the unifying force of her shapes and sounds, are the mystical whispers telling us that our inner light is the womb of beauty and love- the only antidote to the entropy in our world today. I have always lived between worlds; the East, the West and beyond. My artwork is a bridge which brings these worlds together. It is also a tool for self-exploration. It connects me with people, with life, and it helps me express things I have no words for. I seek beauty, inspiration and moments of magic in everyday life. I believe in details and in the gentle and discrete power of natural materials, such as silk and handmade paper. I have a deep respect for craftsmanship; the endless hours, passion, dedication, integrity, care and love which is needed to create a single, handmade object of unique quality. An artisan is who I aspire to be."

Eleni Marneri gallery is a gallery of contemporary jewelry and applied arts. The gallery has been active for over two decades. It was in fact the first space of its kind in Greece, that is, the first gallery to be entirely concerned with showcasing and promoting contemporary and art jewelry. Its role in both shaping and providing support for what is currently the Greek contemporary jewelry scene, a vibrant space that seems to be gaining momentum increasingly, has been crucial. More at www.elenimarneri.com

Opening: Thursday 14 April, 2016, at 19:00, Duration: 14.4.2016 – 28.5.2016


Photos from the gallery

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