Bees, butterflies, spiders, beetles, dragonflies and more. Millions of different species in myriads of colors and shapes - insects have always fascinated me.

Dragonflies for example, can fly up and down, side to side and even backwards. On top of that, each of their four wings can move separately and they can see a wider spectrum of colors than humans. Some ants can make themselves explode when attacked. The beautiful Luna moth does not have a mouth — so cannot eat — and will live only for about one week, with the singular purpose of mating.

Fireflies produce the most efficient light in the world since all of the energy is used as light and none as heat.

There are 1,4 million ants living per human and it takes about 2 million flowers and more than 80 thousand km in flight for bees to make half a kilogram of honey. Insects are mysterious creatures with lives so different from our own that will never cease to amaze us.

This is a collection that has been inspired by these strange and beautiful beings that share life with us on Mother Earth.

Every insect has been hand-crafted with the greatest care. Due to their small size and tiny details (legs, antennae, wings, eyes), the finest needles, beads, brushes, tweezers and blades were used in their making.

Materials: Handmade Nepalese Paper, Metallic Threads, Clay, Wire, Wool, 22k Gold Leaf, Gold-plated Beads, Glass Beads.